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Coolplas Treatment with Consultation

Work toward the slimmer look you want with today’s deal from Island Sun Tanning & Spa. Their talented professionals keep up to date on the latest treatments so they can help each client achieve the results they want.
  • $399 ($849 value) for one Coolplas treatment on a small area with consultation
  • $549 ($1,100 value) for one Coolplas treatment on a large area with consultation
  • Can help reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Helps melt fat cells so they can be excreted from the body
  • Non-invasive treatment

Welcome to Island Sun | Tanning & Spa

Tanning indoors is safer than going outside in the sun and being exposed to uncontrolled sunlight for long periods of time. The certified tanning consultants at Island Sun will guide each individual customer in designing an exposure schedule suited to meet their particular skin type. Tanning can increase dry skin, so we provide recommended skincare products to help hydrate and protect your skin to reduce premature aging and achieve a deeper, darker tan that will last much longer.

At Island Sun, we value our customers and their safety; therefore we offer top-of-the-line European equipment such as Ergoline. We will assist you in developing a proper exposure schedule to meet your goals, provide consultation, and to ensure you use the finest quality tanning lotion products available.

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